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Date of Birth : 12th October 1973

Resident & Studio
‘Sarojini Apartment’, 2nd Floor, (2E)
28, Jogendra Basak Road,Baranagar, Kolkata – 700 036, West Bengal, India.

Professional Qualification


2012 2005

1996-1998 :



: Five years Diploma in Visual Arts, from Inner Eye College of Arts, Barasat, Kolkata.

Appreciation of Indian Art, from The RamKrishna Mission, Institution of Culture (Golpark) Kolkata,

“Film Appreciation Course” From Chalachitra Satabarsha Bhavan. Deptt. Of Information
Cultural Affairs, Govt. of W.B.

Charukala Parichay’ from Rajya Charukala Parsad, Information of Cultural Affairs, Govt. of W.B.
Three years Diploma in Visual Arts from Indian Society of Oriental Art, Kolkata

Professional Achievement :

2008, 2005

2005, 2004


2002, 2001 :



: Reflection of another day (RAD) & Virasat Art presents ‘Aranya Exhibition Award.

Dr. V.C. Nag Memorial Medal Award from Indian Society of Oriental Art.

Certificate of Appreciation from “NIRMAN” B. D. Bangur Endowment.

Silver Medal Award from Avantika Regional Art Exhibition.

College Award from Inner Eye College of Art.

Camps & Workshop
2013 “ Chitrankan” Contemporary Painting WorkShop At Panji, Goa, Organised By Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre In Collaboration With West Zone Cultural Centre.  2009 ‘Women Celebration of life’ Workshop at South City Mall, Organised by Shimul  2007 Kurukshetra Utsav “Geeta Jayanti Samaroh” at Kurukshetra (Haryana) organized by The Eastern Zonal, Cultural in Collaboration with North Zone Cultural Centre 2007 ‘Krishna Ganga Art Camp’ at Bhabani Island Bijaywara organized by Reflection of Another Day (RAD), in Association with APTDC (Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation)  2006 ‘Majhi Patrika – 100 years’ issue celebration organized by RAD at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata 2006 Different Workshop Organized by RAD at Bharatyam (E.Z.C.C.) Kolkata 2005 Workshop on Tsunami Relief Fund at Metropolitan Art Salon Gallery, Kolkata 2000 ‘Mithila’ Painting, Workshop & Camp Organized by Kolkata Nandanik at College Street, Kolkata 1998 Workshop Organized on Different Medium at Inner Eye College Ground.

Two Men Group Exhibition
2008 Two Men Group show “Text Beyond Text” at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, West Gallery 2006 Two Men Group at Academy of Fine Arts at Kolkata, West Gallery  2004 Two Men Group Show at Academy Of Fine Arts , Kolkata  1995 Two Men Group Show at Maharaja Srish Chandra College, Shyambazar, Kolkata.

Three Men Group Show
2006 Three Men Group Show at Indra Prastha Art Gallery at New Delhi  2005 Three Men Group Show at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, West Gallery 2004 ‘Three-s’ Three Men Group Show at Metropolitan Art Salon, Kolkata.

Important Group Exhibition
2010 ‘Mark’ Group Show at Academy of Fine Arts, New South B, Kolkata  2009 ‘Searching’ Group show at Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore, Karnatak  2008 Group show “Symphony” at Academy of Fine Arts at Kolkata, North Gallery  2008 An Group Exhibition Paintings ‘Untold Words’ Gaganendra Pradarshansala at Kolkata 2007 Group Exhibition Paintings ‘Bhavana’ at Metropolitan Art Salon, Kol  2007 Rad present ‘Confluence’ at Chitramoyee Sate Art Gallery Hyderabad 2004 “Catalyst” 1st Group Show at Academy Of Fine Arts, Kolkata,“Catalyst” 2nd Group Show at Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata 2003 “Scratch” Group Show at Baguiati Mela Organized by Pragatishil Samaskrit Mancha Baguiati, Kolkata.

Participation Exhibition
Reflection of Another day (Rad) present Bengal’s Artist and Exhibition at Sarjan Art Gallery, Vadodara 2013Birla Academy of Art & Culture Presents 46 The Annual Exhibition 2012 “ The Divine Feminine” Forms Of Durga at Icon Art Gallery, Hyderabad 2012 West Bengal State Academy of Dance Drama, Music & Visual Art Rabindra Bharati University in Collaboration with Indian Council For Cultural Relations Govt. India At Nandalal Bose Gallery2010 Members (RAD) Biennial at Academy of Fine Arts, North Gallery2010 The Power of Line, a drawing show of 74 Indian most eminent artist curetted by Yusuf Arakkal at Galary - sara Arakkel, Bangalore, Karnataka 2010 Ramkrishna Mission Museum and Gallery presents painting and Art Gallery presents painting and Sculptures Exhibition. Ex students of Appreciation of Indian Art Course at Mission Art Gallery Golpark , Kolkata  2010, 2009 A Group Exhibition painting/culture ‘Horizon’ at Masters collection Art Gallery, Kolkata 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 75th , 74th, 73rd, 72nd, 71st, 70th Annual All India Fine Arts Exhibitions at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata 2007 ‘Majhi Patrika – 100’ Issue Celebration and Art Exhibition at Gaganendra Pradarshansala, Kolkata  2006 ‘Krishna A Human Face’ at state art gallery, Hydrabad, Presented by Reflection of Another Day (RAD)  2005 1st Annual Exhibition by Metropolitan Art Salon, Kolkata,2004 76th State Level Exhibition ‘AIFACS’, New Delhi, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata “TERROISM” –Organised by Reflection of Another Day at Chemould Art Gallery 2007, 2005, 2002, All India Annual Art Exhibition organized by W. B. State Academy of Dance Drama Music and Visual , Arts, at Rabindra Bharati University, Jorasanko Kolkata,2007-2006 , Annual Exhibition Paintings and Sculpture organized by Indian Society of Oriental Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata2006, 2000, Eastern Region Art Exhibition Organized by Camlin Art Foundation at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata  2004, 2003, 2002 Avantika Regional Annual Art Exhibition at Howrah Sarat Sadan Hall, Asutosh Centenary Hall, Kolkata2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 21st, 20th, 19th, 18th All India Contest & Exhibition organized by South Zones Cultural Center (Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India), Nagpur, Maharastra 2005, 2004 B. D Bangur Endowment ‘Nirman’ at Oberoi Grand, Kolkata  2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 Art Exhibition to celebrate the Birth Centenary of Abanindra Nath Thakur by Sarba Bharatiya Charukala Mandir (All India Fine Arts) at Asutosh Centenary Hall, Indian Museum, Kolkata2008, 2007, 2006, 200 Reflection of another day (RAD) & Virasat Art presents ‘Aranya Exhibition at Samakal Art Gallery, Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Asutosh Centenary Hall, Kolkata 2005, 2002 Yearly Fine Art Exhibition and Festival, organized by Rajya Charukala Parsad at Gaganendra Pradarshan Sala.

College Annual Exhibition
2002, 2001, 2000, 1998-‘9 Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata Asutosh Centenary Hall (Indian Museum), Kolkata  Subhash Institute Hall at Barasat, 24 Pgs. (N)  Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata  College Campus at Barasat,24 Pgs (N).

Working Collection

Eastern Zone Cultural Centre, West Zone Cultural Centre, North Zone Cultural Centre, Art Forum at New Delhi, Bangalore, Hydrabad, Kolkata India and Abroad.

Date :
Place :


“Freedom of expression is the primary prerogative of art. It is not bounded by traditional or conventional dogmas. The ability to break new grounds and explore unfound forms lends credibility, enriches and defines the true nature of art”. Rabindranath Tagore was among the few modern intellectuals in India who realized and pronounced these words .

In general painting is the play of lines and colors, thereby producing effects of light and shade and creating forms on a flat surface. Other than the application of paint, gluing of objects on flat surface is not completely a modern invention. If we look back to the miniature paintings of the middle ages, we often find straps of golden foils glued to the picture surface to enhance the brightness and color of the painting.

The concept of assemblage of “objects” over painted surface already existed in pre modern Europe. We also find similar straits in our folk traditions. Whether the aforementioned examples can be termed as “collage” may be a debatable issue. In respect to modernism Baudelaire, said, “Modernity is something undefinable, that constantly changes, it is dynamic and unlimited”. The process of gluing pieces of paper or objects on a flat surface other than color to create an image is called collage. In this respect my works can be termed as collages from a wider perspective. In the process of making collage, scraps of colored paper or objects from variable sources (newspaper, photographs etc.) are glued on the picture surface and transformed into something completely new. In case of my works, I directly attach photographs on the picture surface without making any distortion unless subjective requirements.

My work has evolved through experimenting with different styles and tendencies to suite the needs of expression. Picasso’s, “Still Life With Chair Caning”, Richard Hamilton’s, ‘Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different’, Francis Bacon’s, ‘Screaming Heads’, Atul Dodia’s, “Rolling Shutters”, Bhupen Khakkar’s, “Pan Shop” and the works of B.R. Panesar, Shakila and Bikash Bhattacharya have been an important source of inspiration to form my own visual language.

The advent of globalization, so called ‘free market economy’, neo consumerism, global terrorism and the environmental crisis have largely affected the socio cultural and political scenario of the world and in a way it has affected our daily lives. The rapid changes in lifestyles, revolution in communication technology, fashion, the stark reality of violence, disparity and genocide, the kaleidoscopic view of television, popular cinema, advertisements and the day to day mundane reality have been an integral part of the contemporary psyche and have shaped my sensibilities. As I belong to an urban space the massive Omni present visual culture of advertisements, billboards and various consumer products have played an important part to shape my own visual language in terms of rendering space, design and color. I use photographs from daily newspapers, magazines and recently I am using self taken photographs in my works that bears significance and relation to the time and reality I share. While using newspaper photograph I go through a strenuous technical process to make it durable and lasting. I directly paste the photograph on the picture surface and gradually develop the imagery in accordance to the narrative it provides and build a parallel story through multiple layers that merges and synchronizes with the reality of the photograph. I choose images as per my needs of expression in reference to the complexities and issues of the time. The usage of photograph renders flatness to the picture plane. I use textures and colors in accordance to the pictorial demands and integrate various elements in its subjective context. A de contextualization occurs when a photograph is taken from a newspaper or a magazine and glued to a completely new surface. The potency of the imagery itself arise new possibilities and conflicts and initiates a dialogue with the self. The photograph is at the same time personalized and depersonalized. My work is a result of a process of a dialogue with the self and the photograph giving scope to a new context and meaning. I often use repetition of an image as a tool of design and intensification of the subject. Texts and sentences, phrases from comic strips and repetition of images interplay with visual metaphors and symbols as a device for parody and irony. Often iconic images coexist with the mundane and photographs are juxtaposed with various elements to intensify and connote to the different layers of a shared contemporary reality. My work has a textual note and makes room for multiple reading.

I begin my works with the fantasy of a photograph that evolves in relation to the reality of the space and time I belong. It is a continuum of a process of a way of seeing and commenting on the contemporary life and times.

artist Sussanta Chowdhury

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