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105A/1 Ashoknagar, Dist- North 24Parganas,

Qualification: M.F.A(Painting)I.K.S.V(C.G)

National Exhibition
2013 India National Art Exhibition (Odisha),Lalit kala Akademi

2009-11 National scholarship (Ministry of Culture, Gov. of India)

International Residency
2013 “URONTO” Residential Art Exchange Program in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Group Exhibition
2018 Emami Chisel Art(Kolkata)
2016 Emami Chisel Art (Kolkata)
2015 CIMA Art Gallery
2014 Ganges art Gallery, Kolkata
2014 NIV Art Gallery, New Delhi
2014 Best College Art, New Delhi
2014 Art mart
2013 Shimeesha Art Exhibition,(Vadodara)
2013 Online Art Exhibition,Art Alive(New Delhi)
2012 Art Exhibition in Hyderabad
2012 Shimeesha Art Exhibition,(Vadodara)
2012 Purbha Art Exhibition,(Mumbai)
2012 Trends in Contemporary Art Exhibition, (Vadodara)
2012 Nandalal Basu Art Gallery,ICCR(Kolkata)
2011 Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata)
2010 Jhengir Art Gallery (Mumbai)
2010 Lalit Kala Academy (New Delhi)&
Katyan Art Gallery (Kolkata)
2009 Birla Academy Art & Culture (Kolkata)
2009 Gallery Mementos, (Pondichery)
2007 Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata)

2014 Emami Chisel Art (Kolkata)
2013 Emami Chisel Art (Kolkata)
2012 State Academy Annual Exhibition, kolkata
2011 Exhibition HHI
2008 All India Art Exhibition (Amritsar)
2006 Annual Exhibition (Academy of Fine Arts)
2005 Annual Exhibition (Academy of Fine Arts)
2005 Annual Exhibition of Oriental Art Society, Kolkata
2004 Annual Exhibition Rajya Charukala Parisad , Kolkata

2007 C.V.A (Kolkata)
2008 I.K.S.V (Khairagarh)
2010 E.Z.C.C (Ministry of culture, Govt.of India)
2011 All India Painting Workshop (Baroda)
2012 Shimeesha art studio (Baroda)
2015 Lalitkala Akademi,Regional Centre,kolkata



There are phases in life when we try to alienate our self from the madding crowd around. In such states we engage in a soliloquy, while becoming introspective. My works in the recent years has taken a new course, where I represent my ideas of existence in the urban agglomerate. The earlier body of works addressed the social tensions of disproportionate power play. I consciously tried to represent collective voice of anguished and anxious common folk who struggle to survive on a daily basis. The exploits of the multiple authoritarian systems found a vent through my miniscule, gestural human figures that appeared in circus like environs. Metaphorically, I mocked the ideas such as autonomy, democracy and freedom of speech. These concerns are pertinent even today but on a personal level, they do not primarily pre-occupy my cognition. Recent upheavals in personal life, especially the demise of a family member had left me shattered and baffled. Without knowing, I started developing a sense of nihilism. In such state of affairs, I found myself in a vacuum- an eternal void. In my recent works I explored such facets of my existence. I constantly play with the space, where I do not intend to situate my figures or protagonists of my narrative in a particular plane. They appear floating on the surface. My works has a minimal approach where I do not engage with unwanted proliferation of imagery. The present pictorial spaces bridges my journeys in two realms of thought. Firstly, I am concerned about the rapid environmental decay around us. In the spree of globalization, how industries are slowly occupying the spaces, and secondly how in the larger crowd some still have the courage to defy the norms. I often situate myself allegorically in my works where I move against the tide. Certain dichotomies of the society entice my imagination and thus visual antonyms are introduced. I juxtapose the organic with the inorganic, the urban against the rural, and the proletariats against bourgeois. The present social and political conditions are slowly pushing us into an abyss where the line between real and unreal, truth and lie is blurring. Thus I allegorically represent the herd and flock to represent the city dwellers where I appear as the oddity. They largely appear as a repetitive motif on the surface, which strips them from their own singular identity. I satirically introduce pipe like structures in my work, which creates a visual break and also questions our perception about nature and landscape. The idea triggered from a simple experience in a zoo, where I found that animals away from their natural habitat are fed in captivity, through such mechanical devices which supplies leaves and fodder to them. I equate this displacement with my own. It coerced me to think how definition of nature and existence is slowly shifting and thus slowly expressed them through my visual vocabulary.

Susanta Dey-

artist Susanta Dey

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22.0'' Inch X 28.0'' Inch
22.0'' Inch X 28.0'' Inch

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