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Name : Sumeet Kumar Chaudhary
Age : 29 Yrs.
Sex : Male.
Date Of Birth : 14th Nov 1985
Nationality : Indian
Education : 12th science
Art Education : Self-Taught
About Myself : I am a self taught artist and writer I live and work in Baroda (Gujarat). I
began to paint and study art on my own in 2007 and since then I have been
continuously working to develop new ideas in art and follow my own line of
inquiry and observations. At present I am working on a series of paintings
titled ‘EPITOME’ and I am a freelance artist and I paint figurative as well as
abstract paintings and am currently writing two books on art philosophy,
namely 'Renegade principles in art' and 'The real power of art'.

My interests include philosophy, art, science, music, photography,
economics, politics, books etc. I deliberately follow my own solitary way of
learning and self discovery and Experiment with different media and
multidisciplinary ideas.

Sumeet K. Chaudhary Date : 25th Feb, 2014 Place :Baroda [ Gujarat ]


artist Sumeet Chaudhary

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67.0'' Inch X 32.0'' Inch
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40.0'' Inch X 32.0'' Inch
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