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Siddharth Pansari has a handful of solo shows to his credit. After graduating from Delhi College of Art in 2010, he has done considerable number of shows to highlight his tremendous work before his graduation itself. He has also had a solo show in the year 2010, based on all his paintings and his work thus far. He has also worked at many camps such as Smriti, AIFACS, a young painterís camp at Manali.

His work is based on the duality in the nature that we see everywhere. Creation, Destruction. Order, Disorder. Painting is a transitional process, a medium that is capable of offering the most complex, polemic and double-edged forms of visual experience. The artist appropriates geometric forms and kilos of pigment, to recreate a unique idiom of non-objectivity and productive tension. The works result in a self-generating architecture of geometric forms where the element of control is delegated to the viewer.



Born-21st dec, 1986, muzaffarpur (Bihar)

B.F.A (Painting), BHU, Varanasi, 08
M.F.A (Painting), college of art, New Delhi, 10

Solo show:

DISTILLED DUALITY at lalit kala akademi rabindra bhavan and creativity art gallery, hauz khas village,new delhi,2010

-- 54th national exhibition of art, lalit kala academy, 12
-- 84th annual all India art exhibition, AIFACS, 11
-- 12th all India exhibition of art, Lucknow, up 10
-- Got scholarship to study under Gulam Mohamed sheikh, 08
-- Got one month residency by reflection art gallery. New Delhi,09
-- Annual art exhibition, BHU Varanasi, 06-07

-- bharat bhavan 7th biennale of contemporary indian art, 2013
-- A two men show with s h raza original serigraphs presented by dhoomimal contemporary art gallery at shridharani art gallery, 2013
-- Participated in united art fair curated by johny ml at pragati maidan, 2012
-- @rt virtually real curated by georgina Maddox at art alive gallery, gurgaon, 2012
-- The art mart show epicentre, gurgaon,2012
-- The audi art show, a group exhibition at Audi showroom, gurgaon,12
-- Luminous hues a group show at ravindra bhavan, lalit kala academy, new delhi-2012
-- A group exhibition curated by shri Prayag shuklaji at dhoomimal Contemporary art gallery, 11
-- Shradhanjali to mf hussain, at visual art gallery ,11
-- Unnayan a group exhibition at rabindra bhavan, new delhi-10
-- A group exhibition at art positive gallery curated by sushma Bahl,10- 11
-- Annual art exhibition, college of art, new delhi,08-09
-- “Sublime expression” at the art gallery, pune
-- “Milange” a group show at faculty of visual art, Baroda,09
-- State lalit kala academy, Lucknow, u.p, 07
-- “Banaras”organised by mrs.mirchandani at international house, goa
-- “Drishtikone” at lalit kala academy, Lucknow, 07

-- Smriti-a young artist camp, M.G.K.V.P, 07
-- Ramchattapar sand sculpture, Varanasi, 06
-- Young painters camp at manali by mrs Anand,10
-- Artist meet and workshop curated by sushma bahl at epicentre, gurgaon, 2012
-- A junior artist camp at aifacs , 2013


I always remained on investigating the interaction between the subject and object. The work as resulting from “The fiction of auto-generation”. It termed as proto-object the object that comes into being before language before aesthetics before thought and before conditioning.

It’s all connected to simple geometric form including a sphere and a cube. The combination of geometric shapes with from drawn nature in a series of pigments, the pigment combines the illusion of color and surface. Furthermore they are carefully arranged these clusters create archetypal landscape akin to the piles of pigments casually found all over India.

It is with these pigments works that practice fully entered the realm of fictionalizing the auto-generated all evidence of the artist hand is either absent or irrelevant. The wonder generated by the shapes of pure color does not centre on who made and arranged them, but on the fact that they exist and on what possible meaning their existence implies.

I think of color metaphorically as a condition of being. It is thus reading integrally to the purpose if the work and to the reading of its form. It not only displays spatial qualities but embodies space. It also inculcates temporarily the space that color established elongates the act of seeing. Time becomes elastic, stretching into reveries necessary for sustaining the mystery of an object.
The wonderful thing about color is that it is completely non-verbal it has a direct route to the symbolic to in some ways the proto the before words the before thoughts that things in your gut, the visceral although most color are appreciated for their quality of light, but I had been drawn towards the quality of darkness.

The rhythm of the proportionally related rectangular fields, diagonals or parallel structure and anthropomorphic curvatures and the alteration of color values between light and dark are seen as corresponding to human emotionality. The mind is made memories. The mind tells you what it knows. The subconscious comes to the fore canvas is painted over and over in multiple layers. a thing existing in the world because in full existence has mythological, psychological and philosophical wherein.

Gathering flesh around the circle, square, triangle which dissolves the character, initially a dot around which the structure develop. It follows the logic of its expanse on the frame, the weight of form and shape in which they are left afloat. The phenomenon itself becomes the goal, the material itself is dialectic to construct deconstruct and reconstruct us it progress. Nothing less is immaterial than painting. Here painting is neither an object nor a resemblance. It is non-object, an image that beholds space in a beholder, a presence. It doesn’t represent, it does reproduce. It exists, it is only color, color, color, color……….
Irregular shaped forms float in empty space sometimes, the space is dominated by pure geometry.

It’s auto-generated.

These objects create a new perception of space through physical and mental scale, we not only have more to see, but need to exert more effort in the act of seeing “mental painting”. As painter “Barnett Newman” who urged viewers to get close to the surface of his painting so that the experience of the image at a short distance would be one of intense color, offering a sense of the ‘whole”. This wholeness is defined by an environment or participative space, wherein the viewer is swallowed up by the enormity of color Newman wanted the viewer to feel present.

artist Siddharth Pansari

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