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Rachana Badrakia Works with Mixed Media in printmaking. She completed her BA in English Literature from Gujarat University and then did her Post diploma in print making from MSU Baroda.She has won the Gujarat State Lalitkala Award for Graphics in Artist Category in July, 2010.She attended quite a lot of workshops over the years like Tie & Die, Paper Sculpture-Workshop organized by Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad, (Nov 2004.) , Printmaking Workshop with International Creative Art Centre, Mumbai at Kanoria Art Centre etc.
She loves to experiment with traditional Print and Drawing or digital. Her work is inspired by the day to day fast life of people where people are living and suffering. She depicts the fast moving life of people now a days where they donít even have a second for themselves.



Date of birth & Place: 7th may 1982, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Education: Post Diploma in Print Making,
Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda, (April 2010)

B.A.with English Literature, Gujarat University, (April 2008)

Diploma in Drawing & Painting
Sheth C.N.College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad, (April 2004)

Awards: Gujarat State Lalitkala Award for Graphics
in Artist Category, (July, 2010)

Cams/Workshop: Lalitkala Regional Camp in Print Making,
Lucknow, March 2013.

Printmaking Workshop with International Creative Art Center, Mumbai at Kanoria Art Center
Ahmedabad, (Sep 2010)

Paper making workshop organized by MR.Anupam Chakkravaty at Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U, Baroda (Nov, 2009)

Tie & Die, Paper Sculpture-Workshop organized by Kanoria Center for Arts, Ahmedabad, (Nov 2004.)

Group Show: participated in many group shows in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Mumbai, Delhi,

Participation: Art at Wharepuke, NEW ZEALAND, Exhibition of
Contemporary Indian Printmaking, Oct.2012.

Third International Print Biennial, Beijing, China
(May & June, 2011) and many more….


Working with mixed media in printmaking has various possibilities and also complexities. I keep doing experiment with Traditional Print & Drawing or Digital. My work is based on materialistic life in which today we all are living and suffering. It is a question with a self and also to a society where is the existence of human being taking place? Where Human life has no value and people give more important to material things we use! Surrounding atmosphere, personal experiences of my life and reading a literature also inspired me for my work.Through all this I am trying to finding the answers of my questions.

Rachana Badrakia

artist Rachana Badrakia

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4.9'' Inch X 9.8'' Inch
7.6'' Inch X 5.1'' Inch
11.2'' Inch X 8.0'' Inch


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