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I have completed my Masters in Visual Arts (Applied) at Govt. institute of fine arts, Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) at present working in Baroda.

I take illusion as my dreams and spread them on canvas by taking some geometrical shapes and forms. I use cool and vibrant colors to show nature on my imagination and things around me. I express as objecting them in realism and illusion by taking it as a new learning and expressing it on canvas.

An illusion is a modification of the senses, illuminating how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory idea. While illusions deform reality, they are generally shared by most people. Illusions may occur with more of the human senses than vision, but visual illusions, optical illusions, are the most well known and understood. The importance on visual illusions occurs because vision often dominates the other senses. Mimes are known for a collection of illusions that are created by physical means. The mime artist creates an illusion of acting upon or being acted upon by an unseen object. These illusions exploit the audience's assumptions about the physical world.

Just like many other words often used in a different sense in spirituality the word "illusion" is used to denote different aspects in Hindu philosophy (Maya). Many Monist philosophies clearly define illusion from truth and falsehood. As per this philosophy, illusion is not the opposite of truth or reality. The human brain constructs a world inside our head based on what it samples from the surrounding environment. However sometimes it tries to organize this information it thinks best while other times it fills in the gaps. This way in which our brain works is the basis of an illusion.
I propose to invest the remaining part of the fellowship money in purchase of material like canvas, color and archives papers. This will also help my other ongoing projects to have better and more researched outputs. The award money will give me the opportunity to go ahead and comfortably work.


Name Poonam Jain

Date of Birth 6-dec-1983

* MFA Govt. Institute of Fine Arts
*BFA Govt. Institute of Fine Arts

Exhibition 2003-09 Every year in college
2010 Alliance Francaise Bhopal
2011 Bharat Bhawan Bhopal
2012 VCCI Art Exhibition Baroda

11th International Art Festival
4th National College Student Painting
Competition (UJJAIN)
Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya


artist Poonam Jain

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27.0'' Inch X 27.0'' Inch
70.0'' Inch X 70.0'' Inch
70.0'' Inch X 70.0'' Inch
36.0'' Inch X 36.0'' Inch

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