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P Yogeesh

P. Yogeesh, born in 1982, did his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Art Mysore and his Masters from Delhi College of Art in 2010. Having specialized in painting, he was the recipient of the 51st National Academy Award at the Lalit Kala Academy, M.F. Hussain award at the 57th Annual Art exhibition at the Delhi College of Arts in 2010 and many more. A budding artist, he has participated in exhibitions held in various places including Delhi, Vadodara, Mumbai. While working with the Mime theme, Yogeesh found drama and population to have a strong impact on him in his initial years as an artist in Mysore. He also found inspiration in Lambani, a tribal art in Karnataka, which uses patterns and designs in a crowded manner, a theme found regularly in his paintings where he tries to depict the chaos of crowd and population.



• Date of birth 13th April 1982

• Educational qualification
B.F.A (painting) chamarajendra academy of visual art (CAVA) Mysore.
M.F.A (painting) at college of art - New Delhi- 2010

• Permanent address C/O K.Purandar, # 710, 1st cross, Kuvempu road, near ring Road Circle, Hinkal Mysore -570017 Karnataka.

• Awards
51st national academy award, lalit kala academy,New delhi-2008-09
1st prize in 56th annual art exhibition, Delhi College of Art- 2009 M.F. Hussain award, 57th annual art exhibition college of art-2010

• Participation
Group show at Karnataka nataka academy rangayana Mysore-1997 56th annual art exhibition, Delhi College of art-09
Group show at faculty of fine arts, M.S University, Vadodara-2009,
P.G.student artist painting workshop, held at art gallery,
M.M malviya road, amritsar, sep- 2009
The 9th northern region camlin art exhibition-2009
National innovative IEC design workshop last mile Polio eradication initiative, manesar, Haryana-2009 57th annual art exhibition college of art new delhi-2010
A group show at creativity art gallery ''9 PEBBLES'' new delhi - 2012
A group show at united art fair pragati maidan new delhi - 2012
''Explorations'' a group show at kalakriti art gallery hyderabad - 2012''
" parallel reality'' a group show at ''devlalikar art gallery m.g road Indore - 2013
A group show at kalakriti art gallery ''The sound of silence'' hyderabad-2015
Artist Residency organized by Kalakriti art gallery, Hyderabad -May 2016
Selected for INDIA ART AWARDS, 28th February-Ahmedabad, Gujarat -2017
Selected for ''Emerging Artist of The year award''best college art New delhi -2018

• Scholarship
Krishnakriti art foundation ,hyderabad-2008-09
Junior fellowship, Ministry of culture 2009-10


Growing up in a small town chikmagalur i had always been a part of a quiet beautiful life, but also saw problems that small towns generally faced. I had then decided to choose a field where i could express myself to the society. With Inspiration and help from commercial artist k.Purandar ,working with him,I realized my love and attraction towards the art field.
In my college days in cava i worked on three themes interior texture and mime.
Post college i decided to continue working with the mime theme because i felt it was a strong expression of the society. It all started when i used to go to rangayana, a place for cultural and art center in mysore,where dramas were staged .These dramas left a strong impact in my mind. The dramas that conveyed the social problem left an urge in me to express the problems of the society. I felt my brush could be a strong as the electronic and print media in conveying message to the society.
Expression and drama was all that i know i started working on the mime theme the dramatic effect that was created was to be simple and strong enough to convey my message to the people. As the initial interest was to create drama my canvas, during the post college period, i slowly started to shift towards the city life that i saw during my college days. The contrast of my quite village life to this startling reality of the city was that i wanted to express.
The major root urban problem that i realized in the five years of stay in Mysore was population.
The relationship between the body moment and expression is what creates drama in the mind which i have depicted in my painting.
While the source of expressions are from the dramas ,the mudras or hand moment are mainly Influenced by bhratnatyam, a dance which express a lot of finger movement.
The dramatic relation that is created between the minimum line and flat block color result is a painterly quality and lot of challenges to my self.It was a challenge to express thoughts using minimum colours.
I have also been inspired by the ‘’Lambani’’ form of tribal art of Karnataka, which uses lots of patterns and designs in crowded manner.The same is seen in my paintings where figures are hudled or lots of figures are scattered all around on the canvas.
I believe minimum is maximum.
In few of my painting i have used colorful objects to show worldly pressures and the modern world.They depict lust and green past of the man due to which he forgets more beautiful entity relationship.The black colour represents the darkness of life or rather the dark parts of life which man refuses to see.The skeleton of man’s feelings are shown in black and white in my painting.
This relationship, humanity is forgotten in the run for these worldly pleasures.
The faces represent a mask beyond which one's true identity is hidden the funny gestures and the drama present a lot more than what is seen at faced.
One of my initial works,’’The mask’’ represents the confusion and the urgency man. It can be a simple thing such as a crossing on the streets waiting for the signal to turn green. The period of waiting patiently for something is quality seen rarely in us. As we are advancing technologically,so is the patience in us disappearing gradually. The traffic signal is just a mere representation of the impatient,the hurry in man to go ahead and forward in the rat race! The expressions in this painting represent the different inner expressions of a man who is always impatient.
‘’Freeze’’ ,might look like a simple representation of a crowded road. But the same road has a hundred people doing a hundred things, unseen by a hurried eye. The lovers on the crowded street represent the lack of personal space in the crowded world, of them lost inspite of them being in between a rush. It also represents how shamelessly the lovers are in their own world without caring to the sad happenings around them. There is a figure being pulled openly in the crowd ruthlessly by 2 people. Doesn't this show how blind we have become to the ruthless behavior towards our own kinsmen? .This painting shows the thousand things we see in a particular situation when we are in a half state of mind, where we relate something happening in front of us to our memories. It also shows how heartless we are to the stark realities happening in front of us and we still continue living a normal life without turning an eye behind.
The ‘’untitled’’ painting of the continuation of the ‘’Freeze’’ is just a mere representation of everyone just huddled on a side, the same actors on the same stage. The huddled bundle of the people just represent the urge to break free of the invisible bars they have been put behind. It is just like the mind of a man, where in his run for his worldly pleasures or his survival he mentally puts a lot of bars in front of him.Here,the representation of the actors from various walks of life shown huddled together show how every person,so different from the other are all binded together in someway or the other in the drama of life.The vehicles on the road passing by just represent the man who is but a mere spectator of all this,including himself!
‘’Nostalgic’’ actually depicts a memory of my childhood, where I as a child, used to go for marriages to places in and around Chikmagalur. The marriage crowd were all taken in the same lorry to the wedding hall. Though it was crowded and rather stifling for a crowd of 50-70 to travel in the same lorry, it was a kind of celebration for me to travel with so many people on a vehicle which is higher than the rest! This painting shows two sides of the same coin, celebration and a stifled mood!
‘’The speaking tree’’ represents the crowd of people trying to survive in the same place. As the survival gets tougher by the day,so does the branches grow, the crowd increases. The beaches of people just increase by the day. Here, one can see a delicate relationship between a man and a man where each of us is holding the other by some kind of an invisible thread for survival.Survival can be economical, it can be emotional or anything. We need each other! Here the monkeys are merely mocking the man. Somewhere the naive animal in man, though he has advanced has never died.It is the same monkey from where he has advanced and has come to this stage,but he refuses to grow out of the wildness of the monkey.
‘’Thirst’’ is again a representation of a situation I have seen in my growing years, which to date continues. It is the fight for water. Here the actors stand in a queue for just a bucket of water. Sometimes as the line ends, the flow of water might stop and u do not have any water for the rest of the day.It is struggle for a simple life giving water! It shows how man is struggling at every step of his life and there are people like the politicians who rule us and do not give us anything except their false promises! We are all just mere puppets in the hands of these politicians who literally rule our lives. The politician standing as a poster on the huge water tank is a representation of the same.
‘’Untitled’’ which depicts oil cans and the actors is again a similar situation I have witnessed but for kerosene which is used by the villagers in the non affordability of the LPG gas. Again, one waits for his turn,but might not get anything at the end of the day
Both these situations somehow somewhere also represent the fight and struggle to achieve something or to survive,but at the end of it the tree not bearing the fruits at all in spite of all the care given to.Here man tries his best to achieve,to survive,but gets left behind,somewhere!
The ‘’used virgin’’ which depicts the toilet pot upon which a hundred people use everyday.The toilet pot might not be cleaned,it might be reused again by another man in the same state.The toilet pot stands for years with the stink of the man everyday, a hundred times a day. It is a place of relief for a man.Yet,the toilet pot is not given a state in the society. Here the toilet pot represents a girl who is being used by man to satisfy his pleasures.The same girl can be used again by yet another man for his pleasures. Here,the girl is nothing but an object of man’s vent out of his dirty pleasures. At the end of the day she is nothing but a toilet pot,which is used and forgotten and treated as a place of dirt and stink.
The actors in my painting play their part with their expressions.The laughter is often mockery of himself.The cry is a longing. The hollowness of man’s life is represented in my paintings,a part of everyone’s life which we refuse to express or talk about or even want to reflect about.

artist P Yogeesh

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