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Visual Artist
Working in Bharat Bhavan Bhopal since 2010


Qualification :
2006 I.G.D. Govt. of Maharashtra.
2008 B.F.A. from Govt. Institute of Fine Arts Gwalior M.P.(khairagarh university)
2010 M.F.A from Govt. Institute of Fine Arts Gwalior M.P Rmst (university) Gwalior

Award :
2014 Vission of mp award Bhopal
2013 M.P.State award Khajuraho .
2012 Lokmanya Tilak Best award, Pune.
2011 Dada Kande Award, Gwalior, (m.p)
2011 ARANYA… national art exhibition Kolkata
2011 Special A.I.F.C.S. Award New Delhi.
2010 M.P.State award Gwalior.
2010 All India Art Mall Award New Delhi.
2007 First Award Late.L.S.Rajput Memorial Painting Award.
(Govt.Institute of Fine Arts Gwalior)
2007 Gold Medal of Youth Hostel Association of india SS
Scholarship :
2010 Young Artist Scholarship, Ministry of Culture New Delhi.
Participation :
2014 NCZCC Nagpur
2012 Bombay art society, mumbai.
2011 NCZCC Nagpur
2011 77 All India Exhibition of Art Amritsar
2010-Dhoomimal Arts Gallery New Delhi.
2010 All India A.I.F.C.S. New Delhi.
2009 M.P.State Exhibition Gwalior.
2009 Raza Exhibition Gwalior.
2008 74 All India Exhibition of Art Amritsar.
2006 M.P.State Exhibition Ujjain.
2005 M.P.Sahitya Academy Bhopal.
2012 portrait national art camp swaraj bhawan bhopal

Camp :

2013 national art camp rishikesh
2012 National art camp Srinagar
2012 National ported art camp Swaraj Bhavan Bhopal
2011 junior artist camp.. AIFACS, new Delhi
2006 Fusion National Art Camp Indore.
2005 Kala Rang Kala Sang National Camp Gwalior.
Solo Show :
2008 Tansen Kala Vithika Gwalior M.P.

Group Show :

2014 Niv art center new delhi
2013 seven art so l.k.a new delhi
2012 college of art Srinagar.
2012 paint four justices
2012 Now Contemporary art, uijeongbu art complex, uijeongbu, south korea.
2012, Art mart in Khajuraho Festival ,khajuraho.
2012 Four Dimension, In series of roobhabha, bharat bhavan ,bhopal
2011 ASYAAF, Art Festival, South Korea.
2009 Ruphav Bharat Bhawan Bhopal.
2008 Visual Art Exhibition, Indore
2007 Tatv Art Gallery Indore.
2006 Sangam Kala Vithika Gwalior.
2005 Fusion Lokayata, New Delhi.
2005 Fusion Kala Vithika Gwalior.
Address :
Village- Gobra, Post Chhimak Distt.Gwalior M.P.


My artworks based on Indian society Color, Technique, and Subject at all according to my Artwork always my village People, religious, tradition etc always inspired me.

artist Mahesh Pal Gobra

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60.0'' Inch X 60.0'' Inch
72.0'' Inch X 48.0'' Inch
56.0'' Inch X 32.0'' Inch
60.0'' Inch X 30.0'' Inch

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