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2018 – “Art & Theatre Festival” - Group Exhibition at Asian Art House Hyatt Regency Hotel, Lucknow
2017 – “Nouveau 8X12” - Group Exhibition, The Coal Group in association with Telangana Tourism at Hyderabad
2017 – “Chhota Bat Bada Score” - Group Exhibition at Mantra Art Gallery, Ahmedabad
2017 – “Metamorphosis” - Solo Exhibition at The Gallery Café by Kalakriti, Hyderabad
2016 - “Art for Impact” Dr.Reddy's Foundation in association with Gallery Space at Avasa Hotel, Hyderabad
2016 - “India art Festival” National Stadium, New Delhi
2015 - “Art Fete 2015” Platinum Jubilee Celebration by Hyderabad Art Society, Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2015 - “Shrishti Mela, art objects and paintings by Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2015 - “Group Show” at The Gallery Cafe, Hyderabad
2014 - “Art@Telangana” group exhibition at Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
2014- “Colours of nature” Group show at Gallery Space Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2014- “Kottha Panduga” Group show at State Gallery of Fine Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2013- “Rejoicing nature” Solo painting exhibition at Alankritha Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2013- “Confluence - Indian Contemporary Arts” Group exhibition at Prakrit Art Gallery, New York, USA
2013- “Within Reach IV” Group show at Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi
2013- “Reflections And Images” Group show at Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2012- “LIFE” Group show at Artic Vision art gallery, Mumbai
2012- “Art for Care” Group show at Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2012- “Anniversary Group Show” at ICA Gallery, Jaipur
2012- “Nature & Women” Solo show at Beyond Coffee Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2011- “Talent Unlimited” Group show at Renaissance Art Gallery, Bangalore
2011 – “Group Show” at Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2010 – “Akruti to Sanskruti” Group show at Mantra Art Gallery, Ahmedabad
2007 – “My Neighbors” Solo show at State Gallery of Fine Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2004 – “Group Painting Exhibition” organized by Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad
1996 – “Graphic Works” Group show at JNTU CFA Gallery, Hyderabad

2016 – “VMAF Art Symposium” organized by Vishnu Manchu Art Foundation at Tirupati
2016 – “Art for Impact” Dr.Reddy's Foundation in association with Gallery Space at Green Park Hotel, Hyderabad
2015 – “Art for cause” organized by Kalakriti Art gallery at the gallery cafe, Hyderabad
2014 – “Art@Telangana art camp” at Taramati Baradari, Hyderabad
2011 – “Watercolor and charcoal art camp” at State Gallery of Fine Art, Hyderabad
2011 – “Watercolor workshop” at Icon Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2010 – “Friendly Artist Camp” at State Gallery of Fine Art, Hyderabad

2004 - Highly commendable certificate from AIFACS, Hyderabad

Private collections in India and abroad


Rejoicing nature: There is a soothing and tranquilizing essence in the works by Kumaraswamy that spreads out and reigns over his work, unanimously and in equal fervour. The artist consistently rejoices in arranging forms from nature along with his beautiful damsels who seem to be caught in a pleasant and mesmerizing trance.

These female figures flow completely in sync and accordance with the rhythm created by the floating natural elements. The damsels entirely surrender to the attributes of the natural elements. They become one with them and exemplify no such aspects or details that contrast or break the natural essence and rhythm of the work. The soft movements and subtle stances of the female figures assert a prominently strong, picturesque perfection and charm.

The colour palette accentuates a feel of fantasy and excels in being aesthetically perfect and strong. The ‘line’ is continuous and decorative. It clearly and very neatly defines the elements from nature as well as human figures with consistent emphasis on lyrical aspects.

Kumaraswamy artistically spreads petals of flowers, leaves and fluttering butterflies on the picture surface to create a dreamlike abode for the dainty damsels.

The closed eyelids of the damsels in all the works makes one curious and eager. The artist aptly explains that the embracement of ‘nature’ by mankind in his works is without any scrutiny or unnecessary details but only with pure and sincere affection.

- Palak Dubey

artist Kumaraswamy B

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