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16 DEC 1982


2005-09 BFA (painting) Faculty of fine art,
Baroda 2009 (optional ceramic)
2011-12 MFA(Painting)faculty of fine arts,2012 BARODA, MSU.

2012 The Pollock Krasner foundation grant award fellowship ,USA


2013 Inner journeys,devlalikar kala vithika,INDORE

2012 Solo show in lalit kala academy New delhi

2010 solo show in alliance France, Bhopal

2010 solo show in Deolalikar art gallery, Indore


2014 Big Baroda priyasri art Gallery, Mumbai

2014 Asian art show IFACS ,New delhi

2014 Group show “Art Mart” khajuraho dance festival , Khajuraho

2014 Banyan art show,sarjan art gallery ,Baroda

2013 Group show in red earth gallery ,Baroda

2013 Group show by sheemisha art ,FOFA ,Baroda

2012 Group show aysaaf gallery LVS in south Korea

2012 Group show sheemisha art show, Baroda

2012 Group show by sheemisha art , Ahmedabad

2012 Group show by art nexxt, lalit kala academy, New Delhi

2011 Group show in MEC art gallery, new Delhi

2011 Group show in Bhavnagar

2011 Group show, faculty of fine arts, Baroda

2011 VCCI, Group show, Baroda

2010 Group show, ABS Gallery, Baroda

2009 Group show, Daira art gallery, Hyderabad

2009 State lalit kala, Ahmedabad

2009 All India state exhibitions, Lucknow

2009 State exhibition, Ahmedabad

2008 Binalaye art exhibition, bharat bhawan, Bhopal

2007 Group show, Ravishankar raval bhavan, Ahmedabad

2007 Group show, Indian habitat center, MEC Art gallery, new Delhi

2006 Group show ,polka art gallery,Delhi

2002 Painting workshop, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.
Ceramic workshop, patidar studio, Indore.
Painting workshop, Bhimbleshwar.
2003 Painting workshop, Mandu.
Ceramic workshop, bharat bhawan Bhopal.
2004 Kalavart painting workshop, Ujjain.
2006 Lalit kala academy, Ahmedabad.
2008 Painting camp, Mount Abu.
2009 Painting workshop “art trip” Mandau.
2013 Painting workshop, halol

GIFA Indore, Private collection in Bhopal, New Delhi, Kolkata, Baroda, Australia, Mumbai, USA etc
Bharat bhawan museum, Bhopal

Now working in sheemisha studio ,baroda


The fluidity of molten rubber is symbolic of the ease of living and various life processes, it also conveys movement. Spatial temporality is a recurring motif in these with motley objects in unknown hybrid environment pulsating with raw energy. The objectification of human organs interspersed with trees and animals are meant to emblematise what they symbolise rather than their respective functions. For instance the brain, which is a central processing organ of the human body, is indicatively lonesome and manifestly ‘snaky’; it is unfathomable, oppressive and the same time is capable of great serenity. The human heart which pumps blood is seen as the life giver root transmitting soil nutrients to the growing tree, it is also the wishing tree which is perceived to be the stimulator of every feeling, hope and desire.

OUT OF REALITY - A complex chaos of bizarre activities that are going on this distilled landscape that is inhabited by 2 birds and a heart-shaped tree. The symbiotic relationship between the blood pumping organ and the perched bird is symbolic of life and death. The healthy shrub and the robust bird perched on a treetop is the symbol if life and vitality where as the frail looking tree and the falling bird is symptomatic of decline and subsequent decay, the two vagaries associated with death.

IRRESPECTIVE OF LIFE – The seemingly empty African landscape, geographic positions/areas as carriers of life. The central unit of social existence which is the family, epitomises the transition in society from simple to complex. The young ones in the shade of a leafless but a large tree is a symbol of growth and progression irrespective of life’s circumstances. From a simple society we are witnessing gradual advancement towards complex society based on a web of relations both outside and inside of one’s zone of habitat. The geographical boundaries and demarcations are mirrors of delimitation of spatial entities.

LOST AND FOUND - A strange cosmic experience inside the waterscape. Away from the humdrums of daily existence one comes across towards the other half that is the hidden self – A soul yatra. It is the attainment of eternal bliss, a sense of period and rest, introspection. The journey towards the great discovery has come as a prelude and now it is time to stop and think. The attainment of moksha inside the arboreal is similar to a womb where the mind is at rest before starting on the journey of life.

THE UNCONSCIOUS VISIBILITY – A relentless yatra. The mind with its latent feelings, ideas, and impulses is rising like a mighty serpent ready to strike. The ocean has been a mine of discoveries with many trapped energies, and also as the great road to human discovery via navigation. Great lands were conquered and human connection was established. The human mind is symbolic of the many sleeping tectonic undercurrents which move large landmasses. The sense of discovery propelled by movement spurs both the physical and the mental towards the unknown.

MYSTERIOUS GROWTH – The spread towards the unknown. The two visibly quite birds camouflaging the leaves of the tree with their vivid red and the tree with its roots that are enclosed in a human heart, is an exotic mixture of the real and the imagined. The birds have lost their characteristic validity in their habitat where they merge into their habitat becoming one whole organic unit. And the tree branching out which will possibly outgrow its space and appropriate the new ground gained.

THE THINKER BRAIN – The central organ through which the nerves spread their tentacles through the entire body giving them directions of their aspirations, trials, pains, rootedness, conjugality, familial bliss. It is here where everything originates, and it is this thinking brain that differentiates ordinary from extraordinary. The brain is the home of relentless activity and like a commanding officer directs other fellow organs to do as it wishes. The exposed cerebrum is thus a point of origin, transit and destination.

WISHING TREE – The trunk comprising of a human heart and branches that are artilleries and veins. The pumping organ is a mystified object that is the source of many desires and aspirations. The rhythmic beating is a compelling factor in determining once existence and hopes. The Wishing Tree has the very critical tree trunk impersonating the simulacrum of a heart that is responsible for flow (of blood) implying centripetal and centrifugal voyage.

artist Govind Biswas

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