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Dushyant Patel has a diploma in painting from Sheth C. N College of Fine Art and Post Diploma in
Printmaking from Fine Arts Faculty, M S University of Baroda. He has received numerous awards and
scholarships chief among which is H R D Scholarship, ICAC Award etc. He has also participated in
shows, both group and solo, including the Big Baroda show in 2012.

He explores the relationship between male and female using various metaphorical objects such as
apple, crow, cactus and many other objects. The subject in his work is heavily influenced by his
surroundings, the emotions he draws from them. He is currently a graphic arts technology expert
at Faculty of Fine Arts, M S Baroda.


Name : Patel Dushyant Sureshbhai
Date of birth : 23/05/1987
Birth Place : Upleta(Rajkot,Gujarat)
Qualification : Diploma in Painting from Sheth C. N. College of Fine art (Ahmedabad) Gujarat

Post Diploma in Print making from Fine Arts Faculty, M.S.Uni., Baroda, Gujarat-2009

Awards : Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy, (in student category) Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2002.

Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy, in Print making (Artist Category) Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2009

Arts Ananda Trust Award, New Delhi, 2009

MERIT SCHOLARSHIP Award, MS University,2009


I C A C Award,Mumbai,2012

Group Show : L. & P. Hutheesing Visual Art Canter, Ahmedabad. (Gujarat)

Gujarat State LalitKala Academy, Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
Year 2003, 04, 05, 06

John Culture Centre, Nagpur, 2006

Bharat buvan, Bhopal, 2008
Priyashi Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2009

Art Submit, New Delhi, 2009

The Big Baroda Show by Priyasri Art Gallery, Baroda and Mumbai, 2010

Paper massy Show in Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2010

Painting show conducted by Mystic Strokes Gallery,
Pune, 2010

contamparery printmaking show in india mubai 2010

painting show(the smart)ahmedabad,gufa jun 2010

painting show(the smart)faculty of fainarts baroda august 2010

painting show ahmedabad,gufa august 2010

dhoomimal art ,new delhi October 2010

ICAC show ahmedabad,gufa October 2010

Group Show ahmedabad,gufa February 2011

Priyasri art gallery 2011

Kanoria art center 2011

Priyasri studio baroda 2011

Ahemedabad art fair huthisingh art gallery 2011

Big baroda show Mumbai/baroda 2012
Icac gallery Mumbai 2012

Raaga kala Art Gallery Ahemdabad September 2012

United Art Fair, New Delhi, September 2012

Priashree Art Gallery, Mumbai, october 2012

Solo show : Gallarie Ganesha, New Delhi, october 2012.

Workshop : Portrait Workshop Conducted by Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akademi, Vallabh Vidhyanagar (Gujarat) 2005.

Graphics Workshop Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akademi, Ahmedeabad (Gujarat) 06

Graphics Workshop Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akademi, Ahmedeabad (Gujarat) 2009

ICAC National Printmaking Workshop,Ahmedabad(Gujarat) 2010

Graphic workshop Lalit kala Akademi regional centre,2011

Smart art ahemedabad woodcut print portfolio 2012

ICAC National, woodcut print portfolio 2012

National lalit kala Akademi, 2012

Academic experience : Worked with Navyug Vidyalay High school, 2008

Conducted print making Elective in Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture 2010

Present : Working as Graphic art tech. expert in Dept. of Graphic arts , Faculty of Fine Arts , M.S. Uni. Baroda.


I Dushyant Patel. have done my Post Diploma in Printmaking from M.S.U.(Baroda) and presently working as a freelance artist.
In my works , I try to explore & express my ideas about the human being ,the male and female relationships using various metaphorical symbols like apple , crow , cactus and many other elements which can be visible in my recent works. The subject/concept of my works have always been my surroundings and I am still interested in that, I convert surroundings into Visual Art.
For me life has been full of sentiments, emotions & excitements. And I have shared my experiences with others through I created visual world & will continue it further…

artist Dushyant Patel

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