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Born in 1972, Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur, Kerala, India

Education : 1996 national diploma in painting ( of fine arts, Thrissur, Kerala, India)

Awards 2012: kerala lalithakala academy state award

Solo exhibitions: 2011 ON THE EDGE at David hall fort cochi conducted by Kerala lalitha kala akademy,
2010 RUPTURED at kerala lalitha kala akademi thrissur,
1996 exhibition of prints at LODZ university gallery poland,
1997 show of paintings at KODLES university poland,
1996 show of paintings sponsored by kerala lalitha kala akademi,
1994 show of paintings college of fine arts thrissur

Group exhibitions:
2012 KERALA SHOW at cima gallery kolkata,
2012 group show gallery 1000-A new delhi,
2012 group show at JNU new delhi,
2012 THE SPEAKING HOUSE group show DH hall kochi
2012 STATE SHOW at durbar hall cochi,
2011 ECELECTIC HUES at ITC Windsor bangaluru & dh hall cochi,
2011 DOMAIN-O at david hall fort cochi,
2011 NIRAPPORUL at dh hall cochi,
2011 SYMBIOTIC PUNCTUATION at vernissage gallery cochi,
2011 SUMMER SHOW at cima gallery kolkata,
2011 SPACE UNTITLED at david hall fort cochi,
2011 DREAM INTERPRETATION at Chaithanya Art gallery Ernakulam,
2011 TREE OF LIFE at art gallery thalassery,
2010 YELLOW FLOWERS at david hall fort cochi conducted by kerala lalitha kala akademi,
2010 KOLKATA at nandalal bose gallery kolkata,
2002 at salhiya souk kuwait,
1997 NATIONAL EXHIBITION conducted by kerala lalitha kala akademi
1994 NATIONAL EXHIBITION conducted by kerala lalitha kala akademi

2012 NATIONAL PAINTERS CAMP at college of fine arts Chennai,
2012 PAINTERS CAMP shri shri ravishanker ashram Bangalore,
2011 PAINTERS CAMP at casino hotel cochi,
2011 PAINTERS CAMP landscape in transition indianinstitute of architects thrissur,
2011 PAINTERS CAMP at ahalya heritage village palakkad,
2011 NATIONALPAINTERS CAMP swaswara,gokarna
2011 PAINTERS CAMP at nish thiruvananthapuram
2011 MOTHER TERESA centenary artists camp at le r’eve art residency,thrissur,
2010 MAZHAKKALAM national painters camp at david hall fort cochi conducted by erala lalitha kala akademi

Collections: private collections in India and abroad


Precise reasons seem to be necessary to express some issues at some particular moments. Such thoughts inspire me to make paintings.
It looks often not practical to resist or transcend situations that are believed to be unethical uncontrollable and painful. There is no real escape. People often try to wash themselves off finding silly but useful means to escape with minimum injurious, In their schemes of imagination, ‘the others’ in the society are doomed to feel responsible, thus we close all exits and escape routes. We give in to compromises preserving our convictions formed with reason. One can’t open up to one’s conscience. Our topics are not grave enough. They are not lucid and clear. Secrets are not always safe. In some unguarded they reveal themselves. So one can express them in painting. The changes and their continuity in my surroundings are to be searched and found out in my paintings.
I am using those forms shapes lines and colors that are representative of tensions and worries of our time. Nobody might deny the heights of magnanimity. But how will we look at the terrible deviance in the path to sublime heights?
I wish my works pass though those intentions that realize the inability of man to restore organic essence and beauty, but deserted while taking their painful paths.

artist Bahuleyancb Balakrishnanc

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