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Abhijit Saikia has completed his masters from Delhi College of Art in 2014.



Abhijit Saikia

Date of birth: 25th January, 1989
• M.F.A. Painting, College of Art, New Delhi, 2014.
• B.F.A. Painting, Government College of art and craft, Guwahati, Assam, 2012.
Exhibitions :
• Indoor Affairs, NIV Art Centre, New Delhi 2014.
• 61st Annual art exhibition, College of Art, New Delhi 2014
• The CSSG summit 2013, FOOD + ART Edition
• ‘40+1 A Collaborative exhibition of Book Art Installations at New Delhi World Book Fair (Pragati Maidan), 2013
• 60th Annual art exhibition, College of Art, New Delhi 2013
• Erato- A group exhibition, at Stainless Art Gallery, 2013
• Govt. College of art & craft,(assam)annual exhibition ,2008,09,10,11, State Art Gallery,Assam.
• Akhoj Exhibition of State art gallery, Assam, 2010.
Participation :
• Bishnu Prasad Rabha Art Exhibition at State Art Gallery, Assam, 2009.
• 7th North East Exhibition of Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra, 2011
Workshop :
• SAMHITA, College Of Art, New Delhi, 2011
• Mask making workshop at srimanta sankardev kalakshetra 2011
• Workshop cum seminar on preparation, preservation & conservation of Saushi manuscript organised by Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra, Assam, 2011
Awards/Scholarships :
• HRD Scholarship for Young Artists, Ministry of Culture, 2014.
• 2nd Prize (merit award MFA Final year), 60th Annual Art Exhibition, College of Art, New Delhi, 2014
• 1st Prize (merit award MFA 1st year), 60th Annual Art Exhibition, College of Art, New Delhi, 2013


About my work :
I don’t believe in one style of form in my works. My art works explain nature, time, space and political problems in Assam. And I also try to show the living style of Assamese people and their beliefs. Whatever I have experienced I try to express through my visuals. Time and surrounding of major roll play to in my works. The Nature and politics both are inter-related to each other, so presently I am studying politics. I always try to play with space because in a wide space I see so many questions, directions, meditation, spirituality, culture and politics. I think wide and flat space creates a new dimension. Flat space always questions me. I use ‘House’ as an element in my works which represents my identity, dream, relation, political border and nostalgia. And the element ‘Leaf’ is related to the time. Times are changing and leafs also change time to time.

artist Abhijit Saikia

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