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Name : SUGIN S S
KERALA - 680517
Gender : MALE
D O B : 7/08/1995
Academic Qualification : B F A in painting
Group shows : 'Becoming' group exhibition Calicut Lalith Kala Academy
' Akam ' living space display 2017
'Outfall' group exhibition , Govt. Fine Arts College, Thrissur
Group exhibition Law College , Thrissur
Camel Art Foundation Group Exhibition 2013, Bangalore
Camel Art Foundation Group Exhibition 2014, Hyderabad
Kasthoori Sreenivasan Trust Group Exhibition 2014 , Coimbatore
Kerala Lalith Kala Academy State Exhibition 2013,2014
Camps : ‘Prakrithi’ State camp 2015
Cava National Camp , Mysoor 2017
'Ekam' National camp , Govt.Fine Arts College , Thrissur 2017


I am a lover of nature livesin a village area. Human

livesin nature , They derived beauty and happiness within the nature. There a

er the soul of
human separated from there and situated by them selves. My Art works depict these rela
and contrast of nature. From my language I am trying to make the reality of nature more than its
pure existence.

By recrea

ng my old memories and past I like to make
a response to the urban life . Here I represent an outdated memoriesin front of a modern
world. I represented the classical situa
me and surroundings. Thisis both mental and

physical journey of a human. From old to new reali

es. Thistransi

on and some precious

moment of nature, I would like to choose.

In my percep

on nature is a phenomena within us.

mesthe distance between thistwo point will less and will go to a sublime mental state. I
am also trying to depict the exploita

on of human on nature
The work ‘tamaru’ is recalling of an old memory , basically from my family
background . It depicts the precious past that we had. Now a days our local history and values
are geng lost .

The series work ‘ pointed on the walk ‘ represents some personal
experiences, stories I got from nature. They are the studies from my deep observa
on nature. Most of them represents the abandoned beauty of earth

artist Sugin Sankarapurath

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84.0'' Inch X 48.0'' Inch
96.0'' Inch X 144.0'' Inch
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60.0'' Inch X 48.0'' Inch

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