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Artist Prakash Kishore is A Chandigarh based Freelance Artist, who's Portfolio includes works like #Me too, Free Soul, and Fragmented Emotions. Across all of his work, he creates a feeling of sensuous emotion.


Educational - 10 th (matric) in 2003
Qualification Inter (+2) in 2008
B.F.A ( painting) in 2009, kala bhavana. Visva-
Bharti, Santiniketan
M.F.A (painting) in 2011,Kala Bhavana Visva-
Bharti, Santiniketan
Ph.D from Utkal University of culture, Odisha. 2018

Chandigarh, India 2019

GROUP - * 84th All India Exhibition of Arts , Amritsar - 2018.
* Melange 18, A group show at Lalit Kala Academy
New delhi - 2018
* “ India congratulates Russia ”, a group show at
Russian center of Science of culture, 2015

* IGNCA, group show, 2014
* Newyork Biennale , 2013
*United Art Fair, New Delhi, 2012
*Broadening the Canvas of Culture and Sexuality , A
group show at Kolkata “Bengal art gallery “, 2012
*Pre Harmony show”, Mumbai in 2010.
* “Fresh Departures”- a group exhibition in ‘Kolkata art
gallery’ in 2010”
* Group Exhibition at “State Art Gallery” Hyderabad
in 2010
* Group Exhibition at ‘Burland Art Gallery’, UK in
*Annual exhibition ok Kala Bhavana at “Academy of
Fine Art” Kolkatta in 2009, 2010, 2011
* ‘4th Space’ A Group exhibition at “Birla Academy of
Fine Arts” Kolkata in 2008
* 1 x 1 ft. Group exhibition at pune in 2008
* Eastern Region Camlin art Foundation In 2006
* Annual exhibition at “Nandan Art Gallery”
In 2004, 2005, 2006.

Awards - Ministry of Culture(National Scholarship) 2009-10
Inter University Youth Festival 2006, 2007
Scholarship from Visva Bharti University in
2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009.
North Bihar award in painting in 2002
Award by Indian Post Office (G.P.O)
In 2003 , 2004
Camps - Subhadra Art Camp – 2009, 2010, 2011
International Centre Goa, An art camp by INDIAN
Atelier 2013


My paintings mainly deal with sensuality and emotions.

Each form that I use in my paintings has its own individual importance and unique meaning that, when placed together on the pictorial surface, creates a feeling of sensuous emotion.
This sensuous feeling is also built up by the soft treatment of colors and the playful use of images. The spatial perspective is created by juxtaposing blurred images and clear forms. This way the eye acts as a camera and the painting appears like a photograph. The tension created by the simultaneous existence of what appears to be a mechanically captured real space and the painted surface creates a sense of ambiguity and poses as a problem for the audience.
Body as a motif constantly recurs in my works. This motif, placed on a large canvas/surface, dominates the whole composition and creates a dialogue within the composition and with the viewers. This motif — body that appears along with sensous natural flowers or other forms in a group or individually executed in myriad, black and white colors on a background that is more subdued in tone — creates high contrast. These fragmented parts are often life-size or more than that and they are placed against or around a physical space that never exist. Pieces from the real world create the unknown thus rejecting its real identity and function of the body it is decontexualized.
In my painting I try to problematise the definition of ‘Sfumato’. Thus in my works the idea of sensuousness is a dominating subject. In some of the paintings the collaboration of forms together creates a romantic harmony. The treatment of the canvas is very different as the surface has its own importance and intrinsic value for the composition and the concept of my paintings.

artist Prakash Kishore

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47.0'' Inch X 59.0'' Inch
24.0'' Inch X 24.0'' Inch
24.0'' Inch X 30.0'' Inch

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