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West- Santipur Hillside, P.N.G.B. Road. House No.-118 P.O./P.S.-Bharalumukh,Pin:781009
Name : Jyotirmoy Bhuyan
Date of Birth : 1st of May’ 1985
Father’s Name : Late Harish Bhuyan
Mother’s Name : Late Saraswati Bhuyan
Nationality : Indian Gender: Male
Language Fluency : English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali.
B.F.A. painting ( Bachelor of Fine Arts ) from Govt. College of Art & Craft ,Gauhatiti University.
storyboarding ,photography
 Working as an Illustration in S.C.R.T. (State Council for Education and Research Training)
 Working as an Art Teacher in Modern English High School at Bharalumukh, Guwahati. For
1 year in 2010.
 Working as an Art Teacher in Maharishi Vidya Mandir at Silpukhuri, Guwahati, 6 months in
the year of 2012.
 Working as an Art Teacher in Assam Fine Art & Craft Society Judge Field, Guwahati.
 Working as an Art Teacher Guwahati Artist Guild.
working as an art teacher luit paar clube oil india limited guwahati
. Film making ,film design and set designing
 Worked as assistant production designer for the assamese feature film” SUBH” directed by
Hiren Bora
 Worked as set designer and stage craft designer for nuruddin ahmed art director.
 Worked as an independent movie maker for ‘THE WAY’…..[ a forty five minuet
documentary ]
 Designed the main entrance gate and stage for oil India Ltd [ Luit Paar Club , narangi
 Worked as an sort film making for luitor pare pare [ three minuet five second ]

...worked as an still photography for the feature film sohara bridze (bangali film)
directed by bapaaditya bangupadhya .

Young Talented Artist award by North East Cultural Center [ N.Z.C.C ] Dimapur, ministry of
culture government of India 2012 -2013
Art Installation Metro Polish at Shradhanjali Kanan, Guwahati.
Two men show
An exhibition of Paintings & Sculptures, ‘Best of Flute Music’ at State Art Gallery,Rabindra
Bhawan, Guwahati
One man show
New Year Specialist, An Open Exhibition of Painting at Dighali Pukhuri Campus , Guwahati.
Year 2007:
Sanchi Manuscripts Organised by National Mission for Manuscripts Ministry of Culture Govt. of
India, Association with Srimanta Sankardev kalakshetra, Guwahati.

Year 2009:
Mask making Workshop organised by Sangeet Natak Academy New Delhi at Srimanta
Sankardev kalakshetra, Guwahati.

Water Colour Workshop organised by Guwahati Artist Guild.
2011 Assam & WestBengle Painting Work Shop at Calcutta Bishow Bharati University
2012:Painting & Sculpture Workshop at Mizoram organized by NEZCC.
2012 Mega Show of Art Work 12x12x12 of 144 contemporary Artist at Borada University.
2012 Indian Biggest United Art Fair of 520 contemporary Artist at Pragati Maidan ITPO, New
Group Exhibition at Govt. College of Art & Craft Guwahati.
Year 2007:
4th National Junior Artist Exhibition at Srimanta Sankardev kalakshetra, Guwahati.

5th National Junior Artist Exhibition at Srimanta Sankardev kalakshetra, Guwahati.
Group Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture at State Art Gallery Rabindra Bhavan Guwahati.
New Year Specialist Open Group Exhibition of Paintings at Dighali Pukhuri Campus, Guwahati
Group Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture at State Art Gallery Rabindra Bhavan Guwahati.
North East Art Exhibition at Srimanta Sankardev kalakshetra, Guwahati.
I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and complete to the best of
knowledge and belief.

Place: Guwahati

(Jyotirmoy Bhuyan)


Since the beginning of my Academy of visual art (painting), my creative
mode was enhanced by watching and feeling objects and that made me
narrative. The watching and feeling of the objects or seeing the objects for
the first time ,the object for me is always an act of correcting the seeing.
Then the seeing itself grows into the object by its form of meaning and
being the product of culture. The meaning construction is emerged up
from the culture . And culture has its own understanding of linguistic of
narrative construction. That is somehow and indeed in my understanding
of visual studies that leads to a page of interaction and visual or form study.
Hence, the narrative of the object as source significantly becomes
multilingual meaning of signifiers that makes an account of an approach of
study with the local or cultural meaning (narrative) and studying its
meaning of daily use . Thus, at the act of the presentation of the object, the
sign of our visual communication at a level of psychological reception.
Taking this position and an analogical methodology, I do the visual studies.
‘Objects and narratives (visual research throughout the creative modes)
the project is my desire to recollect and makes the visual research of
cultural products and the usable products by following the understanding
the local meaning or folk narratives. Here, being a visual artist or cultural
practitioner my interest and desire is to make a gesture of creative
representation. That creative representation will be in many ways of
fragmented forms. These forms are to be counted as making study and
documents of local or folk objects (narratives) and making painting on that
staying at villages of North East states within this two year period as a first
step. Then I will follow to collect these findings in the form of digital
documents, particularly the still photographs and motion videos and will
write analysis of the research, hope this approach simultaneously will
create an approach of archiving of local or folk narratives. This archiving
research approach indeed will enrich our national educational

consciousness. The final approach will be after these two years of visual
research; I desire to take these all research of still photographs, motion
videos, paintings and analysis writings in order to construct a collaborative
and interactive showcase which will be at National Gallery of Modern Art,
New Delhi. Hope, this approach towards our visual cultural studies will
enrich the national cultural unity and identity. Again I like to mention here
the areas of my research for this project are significantly, the Naga
communities of Nagaland, Manipuri communities of Manipur and
communities of lower Assam.
‘Objects and narratives (visual research throughout the creative modes)’
this project is indeed for our visual cultural studies a most necessary
research, hope it will lead us to a significant understanding of North East of

artist Jyotirmoy Bhuyan

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35.4'' Inch X 27.6'' Inch
35.4'' Inch X 27.6'' Inch
35.4'' Inch X 27.6'' Inch
48.0'' Inch X 72.0'' Inch

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