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My Path-2

My Path-2

  • Artist Name : Posi Prasad
  • Medium : wood cut
  • Size: 48.0 Inch x 96.0 Inch
  • Year : 2007

Tags: Abstract, Wood Cut, Man, Beautiful, Colorful


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My Path-2 by Posi Prasad


Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Posi Prasad Completed his (M.V.A) Post Degree Masters in Visual Arts in 2013 From the M S University Of Baroda, Gujarat. He completed his BFA in Fine arts from Andhra University in 2011. He has participated In many shows and exhibitions over the year like the Annual Art Exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S .University, Baroda, 2013, 25th All India Art Exhibition , S.C.Z.C.C. Nagpur, 2011 etc. His work is inspired by the time spent by him in his childhood, in his village. He got influenced by the big movie hoardings and posters that he used to see in his village. His present work process is the depth of graphics where he traced all his influences and started using images of his regional movie heroes with whom he got influenced. He used flowers to create a pattern. His work is mixed with his thoughts and vibrant colors that are transformed on a paper or a canvas.

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