1.Order delivery Times?

The works get shipped in three days within order.The total time for you to receive the works in India is 7 working days. Internationally, it is around two weeks.

2.Can I get a discount for a bulk purchase?

Yes We Offer Discounts. If You Plan to purchase 10 0r  more paintings at the same time, please Mail Us On      Contact@ardizen.com

3.How can i track my order?

The tracking number would be mailed to you immediately after dispatch.

Incase, there is any delay in the shipping, you can contact us at +91 73503 14979 with regards to the delivery date.

4.I forgot my password. How do i get new one?

Visit Forgot Password page to reset your password. If you are still experiencing problems, drop us a mail at contact@ardizen.com.

5.Are There Any Delivery Charges?

There are no delivery charges. The rate is all inclusive. Sometimes, a flat charge of INR 500 is applicable.

6.How Do I Search For a Specific Artwork?

You can use our search feature for the same. You can search by the artist’s name, medium or size. Depending on what you want in each artwork.

7.Can I pay money after the order delivery?

No, we take 100% before delivery. The money would be released to the artist after two weeks. So, incase there are any issues with the artworks, this is the time to get them resolved!

8.How Can I pay For My Order?

Payments are made online, or via cheque to Ardizen Artworks Pvt Ltd, or via NEFT to our corporate account. For more queries on payment, please contact us at +91 73503 14979.

9.Can I Place My Order Over The Phone?

Yes You can place your order through phone. You Can contact us at +91 73503 14979. However, the payment must be made for the order to be shipped.

10.What Is Your Return Policy?

Returning of paintings is processed only in exceptional cases. Notification of intention to return the painting should be done in seven days of receipt of the artwork along with a cause of return. If the painting is completely different or if there is severe damage, we take back our paintings. Till date, Ardizen hasn’t had a single return in sales.

11.Is There Any Reservation Process To Buy an Artwork?

No, there is no reservation process. First come, first served. :)

12.Does Ardizen.com Deliver Outside India?

Yes. Ardizen Ships Worldwide.

13.When Can I Expect My Order After Payment Is Done?

The total time for you to receive the works in India is 7 working days.

14.What Is The Process To Place An Order?

Buying a painting is a very easy process. You can pick a painting, verify the artist credentials, check the size of the work, and add it to the cart. The rest of the process is as smooth as any other online transaction.

15.Can I Cancel My Order?

You can cancel an order within 24 hours after placing it.

16.I Just Cancelled My Order When Will I Receive My Refund?

Please allow us seven days processing time to execute a refund.

17.Can I Modify The Shipping Address Of My Order After It Has Been Placed?

Yes.You can modify the shipping address of your order within two days of placing an order online, or via contact@ardizen.com , you can contact us at +91 73503 14979

18.How to Remove Items from Your Cart?

Items in your Shopping Cart will remain there unless they are removed, or until you  complete the checkout process. To remove items you do not want to purchase, do the following:

Step 1 – Click the Shopping Cart icon to view your shopping cart.

Step 2 – Click the Cross Button beside the artwork To remove the artwork.

Then It Will Show You That Your Cart Is Currently Empty.

19.How do I apply a coupon?

You can apply a coupon on the checkout page before you place an order.

20.How Do I Add To Cart?

Step1:Click On The Artwork Which You Wanted To Buy.

Step2:click on Add to cart Button Beside Your Artwork.

Step3:You will See The Message The Item Was Successfully Added To Your Cart, View Cart.

step4:Click On View Cart Button.

Step5:Click On Proceed To Checkout.

21.Will I pay any taxes or customs fees on my order?

A VAT of 12.5% is applicable.

22.Where Your Artwork Will Ship From?

When you purchase an Artwork the work is delivered straight from the artist’s studio to your specified shipping address.

23.How do I know this art is authentic?

Ardizen Artworks Pvt Ltd is a first and most importantly, a platform for the promotion of beautiful, original art. To help you prove authenticity, and for you to be able to sell in your artwork in the future, Ardizen issues you with an authenticity certificate from the artist.

24.I Don't  Know  What To Buy. Can I Get Some Help With Choosing Art?

Ardizen Artworks Tries To Help You Choose Art Carefully Through Many Features On Our Site.Remember , there Is no ‘Right’ Way To Select Art, So You Should Just Choose What Appeals To You.

First, try Using Our Filters They Let You Shortlist Artworks By Color, Medium,Size etc, Which Will Really Help Narrow Your Choices Down. If You Still Need Help Get In Touch With Us at contact@ardizen.com.


We at Ardizen encourage new upcoming artists as well as work with some of the established artists. Also, we provide our clients with a varied and a diverse set of artworks.
We offer works on rent to strengthen your belief in the art world or art as a credible vehicle of investment. Once you are satisfied, you can purchase the art.
We also provide the commissioned work at services. Our commissioned art consultants will provide a variety of art works and themes to pick from


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